Hopping Rabbit Rice Bowl


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This superb rice bowl is a piece of Arita WareArita Ware, aka Imari Porcelain is a type of traditional Japanese porcelain wares made in the town of Arita, northwestern Kyushu.


A lovely hopping rabbit is drawn on both outer and inner side of the rice bowl. The short lines can be seen on the rim and the bottom of the rice bowl to make it even more lovely. They come in two colors – blue and red!

It may be a good idea to have both colors in a pair for couples – blue for the boy and red for the girl.


Product Details of HOpping Rabbit Rice Bowl

Size: Ø11.8xH5.7cm (Ø4.6xW2.2″)

Type of ware: Arita Ware

Made in: Saga Prefecture




Red, Blue