Kikko Tochi Miso Soup Bowl


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Authentic Japanese Miso Soup Bowl made in Japan. This lacquer ware familiar in Japanese restaurants is often used to serve Miso Soup. However, it can also be used for serving other types of soups and stews.

The heat-resistant temperature and dish-washability depend on the coating type and the material type. Please check out the following product details of this Japanese miso soup bowl.


Product Details of this Miso Soup Bowl

Content: 1 Japanese Miso Soup Bowl

Soup Bowl Type: Lid Attached

Material: Heat-resistant ABS Resin

Dishwasher Proof: Yes

Heat Resistance: Up to 85℃ (185℉)

Size: W113 x H93 mm (W4.4 x H3.7″)

Type of ware: Lacquer Waremadein-gifu

Made in: Gifu Prefecture, Japan

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Dish washer proof, Lid Attached