Nakano Styling TANTO Wax 7 Super Tough Hard


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Nakano TANTO Wax 7 Super Tough Hard Type has hard holding strength and keeps lively and wild styles hard for a long time.

Nakano TANTO Wax series contain gamma-orizanol, shea butter, and burnet extract (all moisture-retaining ingredients) in a formulation that helps keep ultraviolet rays from fading hair color and damaging the hair.A mix of kiwifruit and orange over a muscat grape base makes for a fresh scent with a sense of cleanliness without being too sweet.

Nakano Syling Wax barnd is one of the most popular hair wax brands in Japan, its beauty lying in its exquisite quality and its broad range of products among which you can choose your favorite by number. Nakano offers 3 brands with 29 kinds of waxes, suiting your specific hair styles. It also has UV protection and moisturizing effect.

Product Details of Nakano TANTO Wax 7 Super Tough Hard

Manufacturer: Nakano

Weight: 90g

Hold: Super Tough Hard

Size: 68 × 68 × 57mm (2.7 x 2.7 x 2.3”)



Weight 200 g


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