SPIRAL Condom Inspiral S&W Comparison Pack


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The sensational SPIRAL condoms – Inspiral W and Inspiral S come in a value set!

The only difference is its shape – size is the same between Inspiral W and Inspiral S.
W stands for Double, while S stands for Spiral.


Spiral Condom is an innovative condom that gains popularity in 28 countries including Japan. With its motto ‘Condom is not all about thinness’, the spiral-shaped condom is designed based on Human Factors and Ergonomics (HF&E).

The slacks in the loose spiral condom are said to give you the great feeling that cannot be achieved by other condoms.

This spiral condom has gained great popularity in Japan since one of the top Japanese male porn star regarded this on Twitter as the best condom he’d ever tried.



Having said that, Spiral Condom is controversial. Some say Spiral Condom is the best condom ever, while others don’t get the knack and don’t see the point of its looseness.

We guess it’s worth a try!?


Invented by Dr. A.V.K. Reddy who has researched and designed male contraceptives for the last 13 years. The New York Times called Dr. Reddy, the “Leonardo da Vinci” of condoms. After many years of study and analysis, Reddy designed the first condom that would emphasize sensation and pleasure, based on the anatomy of the penis.

Simply put, Reddy created a condom that was looser-fitting in the exact area of the penis where most of the nerve endings are located. The loose fit at the tip of the condom allowed the nerve endings to remain at their most sensitive, while the friction caused by the extra moving latex produced additional sensation.


Product Details of SPIRAL Condom Inspiral S&W Comparison Pack

Material: Natural Rubber Latex


  • Inspiral S 6 Pieces x 1
  • Inspiral W 6 Pieces x 1

Made in Japan

Weight 100 g

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  1. 5 out of 5


    A great pack to try both unique items as I wasn’t really sure which one is better!
    Also I was impressed with the fast dispatch.

  2. 5 out of 5


    Just awesome!

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