Ajinomoto Hondashi 40g


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It is prohibited to ship alcoholic beverages to the US / Canada and Deliver food to Australia from Japan.

Ajinomoto Hondashi 40g

  • Easy to add seasoning for a delicious finish to foods such as miso soup or other stewed or not pot dishes.
  • Drawing out the flavors of the ingredients, a handy item to use to make every day dishes more easily and more delicious.
  • In addition to the tradition use of 2 types of bonito flakes, the roasting and aging process was reviewed. As a result, a new, original manufacturing process for the bonito flakes was developed and used.

<Dashi Broth (stewed items, miso soup, etc.)>
For 300 ml (1 and a half Cups) of Water or Hot Water,
2/3 (2 grams) teaspoons of the broth

<Flavored steamed Rice>
For 1 cup of rice, 1 overfilled teaspoon (4 grams)

<Stir Fried Dishes>
For 2 people (servings) ingredients 1 overfilled teaspoon (4 grams)

Hondashi Ingredients

Seasonings (amino acids, etc.), salt, sugars (sugar, lactose), flavor ingredients (bonito flakes powder, bonito flakes extract), yeast extract, wheat protein fermented seasoning

Nutritional Information for 1 gram
(amount used-approx.-in a serving of miso soup)

(Salt Equivalent・・・0.35g)


Milk Components, Wheat

Cooking example

Japanese Ochadzuke (boiled rice in soup)