Arimino Peace Hard Wax



Arimino Peace is one of the top seller hair waxes in Japan, being easy to use and often used by professionals.
Arimino Peace - Hard Wax <Chocolate> is has the second strongest hold among Arimino's 5 wax lineups. Easy to use and not sticky, Hard Wax helps your hair stand from the base, giving some shine to your hair as well.
It gives aqua casis scent.

It is an excellent hard wax for achieving any hair style that you want, especially for short and midium hair.
It is also perfect for damaged hair, because it contains 'Cupuassu Oil' for giving moisture and luster. The texture is creamy and soft to spread comfortably.
"Arimino Peace Hard Wax"has not only a firm hold, but also a natural look.

Product Details of Arimino Peace Hard Wax <Chocolate>

Manufacturer: Arimino

Weight: 40g or 80g

- Strong hold and non sticky

- Lasts for long hours

- Produces movements you desire





40g, 80g


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