Chopstick Rest Handscroll


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The fancy chopstick rest of hand scroll is a piece of Mino Ware. Handscroll, called Makimono in Japanese, presents a letter or an artwork of painting. Hand scroll was used in old times when Samurai lived.

On this chopstick rest of handscroll you can read a tiny message written, saying 'Irasshai Mase. Douzo Goyukkuri' in Japanese. It means 'Welcome. Please relax and feel at home'.

Mino Ware, aka MinoYaki is a type of traditional Japanese porcelain wares made Gifu Prefecture, north of Tokyo. Mino Ware is a ceramic ware representing 50% share in the Japanese market. Originated in the time of unglazed ceramic ware.


Product Details of Chopstick Rest Handscroll

Content: 1 chopstick rest

Size: W4.8cm (W1.9″)

Type of ware: Mino Ware

Made in: Gifu Prefecture