FriXion Erasable Color Thin Markers 12 colors


FriXion Erasable Color Thin Markers 12 colors

  • FriXion Colors' Thin Markers are for writing items in thick characters or drawing an underline to items.
  • The 12 colors: black, red, blue, light blue, green, soft green, yellow, orange, baby pink, pink violet, and brown.

FriXion's Erasability through Rubbing

POINT 1: When you rub the ink, the ink becomes transparent.
POINT 2: When you rub the ink, there are no eraser bits.
POINT 3: You can write/erase as many times as you wish.

How FriXion Ink Works

In FriXion Ink, a special micro capsule that take on the properties of the color. The 3 different types of chemical compounds in the capsule change according to frictional heat, causing the ink to become transparent.


*Within documents, sections which should not be erased like a person's name, should not be written with this pen.
*Do not place the document in places with direct sunlight or high temperatures. At 60 C, the ink will become colorless.
*At -10 C, writing previous erased may appear again.
*Do not use on surface other than paper
*The erasing function may not be suitable for thermal paper type of paper products or printed material treated with special properties.
*If the rubber eraser is used while it is dirty, the paper will become dirty was well. Please wipe the rubber eraser clean before use.
*Cannot be used for computerized mark sheets.