Fuji Latex Rincle zero zero Black 0.03 condom 12+4pcs


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0.03 mm Black Condom!
Luxurious Black Condom! Thickness of 0.03mm!

  • Soft Color: Black
  • Straight-type, effective in preventing the condom from slipping off
  • Lubricant included (to increase the effect type)

Quantity: 16
Manufacturer: Fuji Latex
Manufactured in Japan

  • The condoms can only be worn once per item. Please use a new condom each time.
  • Keep in a cool, dark place while in the packaging box. Also, do not store with volatile substances such as insect repellents.
  • Proper use of condoms is effective for contraception and reduces the risk of getting many sexually transmitted diseases including AIDS, but does not guarantee 100% efficacy.
  • Depending on the person who uses it, it may cause allergic symptoms. In that case, please discontinue use and consult with your doctor. Our shop will not take any responsibility.