Marucome Raw Miso Soup Red Dashi Shijimi-Clams 6 servings


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It is prohibited to ship alcoholic beverages to the US / Canada and Deliver food to Australia from Japan.

Marucome Raw Miso Soup Red Dashi Shijimi-Clams

Blending both Bean Miso and Rice Miso, this instant miso soup the abundant taste of shijimi-clams and wakame-seaweed. Compliments eels well, this authentic shijimi-clams red dashi miso soup is easily made by adding hot water to the contents.


bean miso, rice miso, shijimi-clams, reduced starch syrup, salt, wakame seaweed, bonito flakes extract, shellfish extract, kelp extract, sake, seasoning (amino acids etc.)

Nutritional Information

1 serving
Energy (kcaL)・・・29
Protein (g)・・・1.9
Lipid (g)・・・0.9
Carbohydrate (g)・・・3.4
Sodium (mg)・・・791
Salt Equivalent(g)・・・2.0



Storing Information

Room Temperature