Nakano Styling Wax 4 Hard Type


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Nakano Styling Wax 4 Hard Type is an almighty type that can be used for various hair styles - from short to medium, and even for women's curly hair. With long stretch which is peculiar to Nakano waxes, Nakano Styling Wax 5 makes it easy to set your hair while creating a bit of movement in your hair.

Nakano Wax is one of the most popular hair waxes in Japan, its beauty lying in its exquisite quality and its broad range of products among which you can choose your favorite by number. Nakano offers 3 brands with 29 kinds of waxes, suiting your specific hair styles. It also has UV protection and moisturizing effect.

Product Details of Nakano Wax 4 Hard

Manufacturer: Nakano

Weight: 90g

Hold: Medium - Strong


Weight 100 g


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