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Okamoto Hot Jelly JUNKATSU 6pcs


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Bringing that warmth to you….A new gel brings new warmth of warm skin by mixing two liquids!
Warms to the temperature of human skin, the lubricant gel is creamy and smooth.

Size: 50 X 120 X 45mm
Quantity: (α liquid 6g+β liquid 6 g) × 6 sets
Manufactured in Japan


  • α liquid: thickener, glycerin, paraben
  • β liquid: PEG (Polyethylene glycol), paraben

(1) Before use, please wash your hands, fingers to ensure cleanliness.
(2) Bend on the bendable line located in the center, align αliquid and βliquid to cut the seals together.
(3) Empty the contents of αliquid and βliquid simultaneously onto the hands, and mix both liquids equally.
(4) Spread onto the necessary area.