Premium Beer Glass Sakura Cherry Blossom


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This magnificent beer glass is a piece of Arita WareArita Ware, aka Imari Porcelain is a type of traditional Japanese porcelain wares made in the town of Arita, northwestern Kyushu.

The beer glass depicts the Japanese spring scene where the Japanese iconic cherry blossoms bloom and glitters. This Arita piece has the superb rough feelings on outer side of the glass, whereas the inner side is smooth so that the beer texture will be smooth.

Curious and puzzled you may feel to drink beer out of a porcelain cup, but this will surely give you the blissful drink time!


Product Details of Premium Beer Glass Sakura Cherry Blossom

Content: 1 glass

Size: φ65mm x H130mm (φ2.6″ x H5.1″)

Capacity: 350ml (11.8oz)

Manufacturer: Ishizuka Glass

Made in: Aichi Prefecture