Chestnut Wood Chopsticks for Natto


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These chopsticks for stirring Natto. The rugged surface on the edge fosters creating more foams from natto stirring. A must buy for natto lovers!

These high quality Japanese chopsticks are handmade by Togei, whose base is in Mie Prefecture (east of Kyoto or Osaka). Togei'smain focus is practicality and design, with their goal that their tableware products makes everyone's dietary life more exciting.

Each piece of their product is handmade with extra care, aiming for the texture as smooth as a baby's cheek. Some of their products are also made in their Indonesian factory under their supervision.


Product Details of these Japanese Chopsticks

 1 pair of chopsticks

Size: 200mm

Material: Chestnut

Coating: Urethane

Made in: China

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