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Chopstick Rest Sakura Double


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The popular chopstick rest of Sakura cherry blossoms! This chopstick rest of Sakura is a piece of Mino Ware.

Sakura, aka cherry blossom is an iconic flower of Japan, blooming and fascinating people in Spring. Many tourists visit Japan from abroad in this spring season to view the Sakura.

Mino Ware, aka MinoYaki is a type of traditional Japanese porcelain wares made Gifu Prefecture, north of Tokyo. Mino Ware is a ceramic ware representing 50% share in the Japanese market. Originated in the time of unglazed ceramic ware.

It will surely give a Japanese ambiance to your meal time. There are also other Sakura chopstick rests available. Check out other Sakura chopstick rests!


Product Details of Chopstick Sakura Double

Content: 1 chopstick rest

Size: W4.7cm (W1.9″)

Type of ware: Mino Ware

Made in: Gifu Prefecture