Sagami 0.09 Super Dot Condom for Long Play 10pcs


Sagami 0.09 Super Dot Condom for Long Play is the thick type condom with dotted surface that will give good feeling yo your partner.

This is an ideal condom for those who want to do a long play and satisfy your partner.

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Characteristics of Sagami Latex Condom

Sagami's Latex Condoms

Sagami's latex condoms are made from finest natural rubber latex from Malaysia.

Sagami began operation in 1934 as the first condom manufacturer in Japan. Since then Sagami has manufactured very high quality condoms for 70 years, supported by high level manufacturing technology and strict quality control.

Sagami's finest condoms have been distributed to over 80 countries as well as Japanese market, and acquired a very good reputation.


Quality Assurance

Sagami's condom is produced at ISO 13485:2003/MDD/FDA-QSR certified factory in Japan, and our latex condoms meet requirements of standard like ISO4074 / ASTM D3492.


Product Video of Sagami 0.02 (Japanese)

Product Details of Sagami 0.09 Super Dot

Material: Latex (Natural rubber)

Content: 10 Pieces

Made in Japan

Weight 90 g


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