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Now you can see your own Sperm Kit


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■Only this product allows you to try 10 sperm checks! Only 148 yen per observation!
 Video and still images can also be taken!

■Sold out 2,500 units in just 3 months after the first test sale!
A secret boom is coming!
Sperm observation is hot right now!

■If you can't have children, check for male infertility!
The causes of male infertility include spermatogenesis dysfunction, which is the inability to form and mature sperm; impaired sperm transport, which is a disorder of the spermatic cord; accessory genitalia, which are affected by inflammation of the seminal vesicles and prostate gland; and sexual dysfunction, which is the inability to have intercourse and ejaculate. Spermatogenesis disorders are particularly common, accounting for 70-80% of all cases. Therefore, in male infertility, a semen analysis can be performed to diagnose lack of sperm motility, hypospermia, azoospermia, and other conditions.

■Pre-check your boyfriend's sperm for marriage!
Why don't you secretly check your boyfriend's sperm beforehand so that you don't discover male infertility after you get married?

■More women than men are buying! And the reason for that is because they want men to test for infertility too!
 Nowadays, 1 in 10 men have sperm problems. Men are no longer immune to infertility!

■I want to encounter the "other life" that lives inside of me.
When I was a child, everyone must have thought, "I want to see my own sperm under the microscope in the science lab! Everyone must have thought at least once, "I want to see my own sperm under the microscope in the science lab! Now your wish can be realized with this kit.

■The perfect gift!
How about a thoughtful gift for your friend, husband, or boyfriend?

■Very popular for Christmas and other giveaways and joke goods!
Affordable for birthday parties, Thanksgiving Day giveaways, joke goods, etc.!

How To Use

1.Remove the yellow plate from the main unit!

Remove the main unit from the bag, remove the yellow plate, and confirm that there is a spherical lens in the center of the main unit.

2. Place a transparent sticker on the back of the yellow plate!

Attach one transparent seal to the back (black side) of the yellow plate that was removed.

3. Collect sperm!

Please collect sperm.

4. Apply the sperm!

Place the yellow side of the plate face up and apply a small amount of semen to the adhesive side of the transparent sticker.

5. Align the main unit!

Place the black side of the main unit on top of the black side of the plate so that the two sides are aligned.

6. Align the main unit firmly!

Firmly fit the plate until the lens protruding convexly from the main body bites into the transparent sticker.

7. Now, observe!

Point the plate toward the light source for observation, being careful not to allow semen to drip from the plate.
When you are lying on your back, be careful not to get semen in your eyes.
The observation range can be expanded by moving the yellow plate. Move the plate little by little so that the transparent seal and the lens remain in contact and do not move apart.

8. According to your preference....

If you feel that the hand holding the product is in the way during observation, please fold the pinching part of the product outward for observation.

9. Clean up after observation

After observation, please remove the yellow plate from the main body, wash off the semen, and dry it completely for storage. Ten transparent stickers are included in the kit and should be used 10 times.

Three tips to look good!

Put sperm on your finger and apply a small amount on the transparent sticker.
Use a light source such as a light bulb at different angles and brightness.
Sperm die quickly when exposed to air, so observe early!

Cautions for use! Please read before use.

  • Do not use directly on eyes or glasses. Doing so may cause scratches.
  • Do not look at the sun with this product. (Do not point it at the sun.)
  • Do not use the product for any purpose other than its intended use.
  • Do not leave or store in high temperature or humidity.
  • Keep out of reach of young children.

Product Details of Now you can see your own Sperm Kit

Material: Aqueous Polyurethane

Content: 10 Pieces

Made in Japan