Chopstick manners


This time, we would like to touch on the manners when using chopsticks.

Traditionally, using chopsticks in a way that gives off a bad impression to those around you is called "kiraibashi", and is considered rude.

Kiraibashi simply refers to things that you can't do with chopsticks.

Learn these, be careful during your usual meals, and have a fun and pleasant meal!


  • Neburibashi

To lick something on the chopstick.


  • Hashiwatashi

To exchange food among chopsticks.

This is bad luck because it is the the same motion as picking up cremated bones after cremation.


  • Sorabashi

To pick something up to eat, only to put it down without eating.


  • Nigiribashi

Beginner way of holding, tightly gripping chopsticks. The chopsticks are not properly being utilized at all.

Nigiribashi during a meal shows a very aggressive behavior that you are about to attack.


  • Futaribashi

Two people picking food off of the same plate at once.


  • Sashibashi

To stab food with chopsticks and eat.


  • Mayoibashi

To be indecisive about what to eat and move your chopsticks all over a plate.


  • Sashibashi

Point at somebody with chopsticks.


  • Tatebashi

Chopsticks are erected in a bowl of rice by a dead person's pillow, so erect chopsticks remind people of this.


The above are manners which you must remember.


The following list is compilation of more difficult manners of chopsticks which you should remember nevertheless.

Have you done any of these by accident?


  • Saguribashi

To look for a certain ingredient in soup.


  • Kasanebashi

To continuously eat just one dish.


  • Kamibashi

To bite the tip.


  • Utsuribashi

To move your chopstick to another dish, right as you were about to grab something else.


  • Namidabashi

To let soup or sauce drip from the tip, or to let sauce drip from the food.


  • Watashibashi

To place chopsticks on a plate when you are still eating.

This means that you no longer need to eat.


  • Chigaibashi

To use different chopsticks as a set.


  • Kakibashi

To scratch yourself with chopsticks. This is unsanitary and dangerous.


  • Kakikomibashi

To place your mouth on a bowl and aggressively stuff your mouth.


  • Yosebashi

To use chopsticks to bring a plate closer to you.


  • Tatakibashi

To tap chopsticks on a bowl when you want to ask for food.



There are many other forms of kiraibashi, but remember the above for now, and you should be able to avoid making others feel unpleasant.

We hope that you watch out for manners such as these, and enjoy your meal.