Fuji Latex Rincle zero zero 1500 0.03 condom 12pcs



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Challenge: Zero thickness, Zero feeling of use! Development concept: 0.03 thickness in this ultra-thin type of condom!
Experience the results from the Zero challenge!
o Plain type of ultra-thinness
o Fitted slim body type, effective in preventing the condom from slipping off
o Cut the “rubber smell” by low protein
o Addition of jelly for lubricating effect
o Soft color condom (pink)

Manufacturer: Fuji Latex
Manufactured in Japan

【Warnings concerning Use】
・This product uses natural rubber latex. Natural condom may cause itchiness, redness, rash, swelling, fever, difficulty in breathing, asthma-like symptoms, decrease in blood pressure, shock, or other allergy related conditions. We do not bear any responsibility for allergy symptoms/reactions.


1 pack, 2 packs