Sagami Original Lubricating jelly


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For long-term moisturization with a natural, light sensation during use!
●Hyaluronic acid
●Odorless and colorless transparency
●Use of sterile purified water
●Easy to wash as it is water soluble
●Does not use any hormone drug or chemical stimulant ingredient
●Tested for allergy

Size: 48/143/34mm
Quantity: 60g
Manufacturer: Sagami
Manufactured in Japan

【Ingredients】Water, propylene glycol, glycerolglycerin, sodium polyacrylate, carbomer, paraben, hyaluronate sodium, pH adjuster

1. Before use, please wash your hands, fingers to ensure cleanliness.
2. Place the desired amount onto fingertips, and spread onto the necessary parts.
※Can be used by both women as well as men.