How to properly use a chopstick rest

Learning how to properly use chopsticks is basically mandatory if you are an adult.

The next step you should remember is how to use the "chopstick rest."

When you eat at a store where a chopstick rest is prepared, do you always put your chopsticks on it?

This time we would like to explain how to put chopsticks on a chopstick rest.


Why use a chopstick rest?


Chopstick rests prevent the chopsticks from sticking directly to the table when resting the chopsticks during a meal.

Having a chopstick rest makes it possible to eat cleanly without having to stain the table.

In addition, it makes it more stable and can prevent the chopsticks from rolling off.



Potential manner violations caused by not using a chopstick rest

You may sometimes put chopsticks directly on a plate, without using a chopstick rest.

However, this is a violation known as "watashibashi".

It is said that it has a bad luck because it represents the image of a bridge to the Styx, and watashibashi is also a way of saying that you can't eat anymore, so definitely avoid this.


If a chopstick rest is not prepared, you have no choice but to do watashibashi.

Making a simple chopstick rest with a chopstick envelope is not a violation of manners, so being able to utilize it will make the appearance better.


If the dish comes out on a tray and there is no chopstick rest, please put the chopsticks on the left side of the tray.



How to rest chopsticks on a chopstick rest

There is actually a correct way to rest chopsticks on a chopstick rest.

What is often seen is resting the tip of chopsticks on the chopstick rest.

However, doing this repeatedly gets the chopstick rest dirty, and makes it unsanitary over time.

Originally, the chopstick rest is intended to prevent direct contact between the chopsticks and the table, so when placing it on the chopstick rest, put the chopstick tip past the chopstick rest by about 2 to 3cm.



What did you think?

We bet that many people did not have much knowledge about chopstick rests.

We hope that you can remember what we have written here and that you will be able to use chopstick rests with better manners moving forward.

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