Why we recommend “Weathering With You”

Hi everyone, do you know the ultra-popular movie in Japan, “Weathering With You”?

It is a movie by director Makoto Shinkai, who directed the movie that all of us watched three years ago, “Your Name”.

This time we would like to touch on the movie that all of us were waiting for, “Weathering With You”.

It will be shown in theatres on January 17, 2020, so we hope you watch it!


Recommended Reason 1:Based on real locations.

This movie depicts locations that are actually located in Tokyo. Starting with the ferry heading from the remote island to Tokyo, there are actual locations that exist in Japan. Judging from the fact that the ferry has traveled more than 10 hours from Tokyo, you can see that they are aboard the "Sarubia Maru", and it is also evident that the main character Hotaka is going from Hachijojima to Tokyo, the one and only 10 hour ship ride from Tokyo Takeshiba Passenger Ship Terminal. In addition, it is evident that he is in the second-class cabin making the movie even more real.

Also, Hotaka was actually staying at the “Mamboo Shinjuku Yasukuni Dori store”.

The abandoned building that is an important spot in the story is Yoyogi Kaikan.

You can clearly see in the film that the Haruna's (the girl who is the main character) house is located at the slope around "Tabata Station".

It may be fun to go visit these locations.


Recommended Reason 2:Beauty

Director Shin Makoto's work is characterized by the coexistence of two art styles in many scenes.

Characters are consistently expressed with a stylish anime touch, while the background art is depicted as a photograph.

"Weathering With You” fully utilizes this type of realistic art style, and delivers the unique sense of Tokyo and Shinjuku to overseas audiences.

Through such realistic depictions, this movie fully shows not the fun and lively side of Shinjuku, but also the existence of dark businesses that is required to survive.

It is interesting that it is a fantasy that also conveys realistic issues and concepts.


Recommended Reasons 3;Background of characters

Since there are not many characters, the circumstances and settings of each character are stunning, and you will be able to fully sympathize with the characters' feelings.

This almost represents the conflicts and dilemmas that occur in our daily lives.

There is something that attracts viewers in this aspect.



There are many aspects that are impressing such as the beauty of the pictures and the story, making this work a must-see.

You may even learn some things through this work.

Why don't you go to the cinema to see this brilliant movie?

Recommended Japanese boy comics (with North American version)

Hi everyone, have you read Japanese boy comics before?
With manga you can learn words and phrases that are not used in everyday language, delve into various world such as space, development, medicine, basketball, etc., and the stories are very deep and complex so you never get bored reading them, can become fascinated and made to think about your real life. You can understand various social mechanisms while having fun, so you lose track of time and continue reading further and further.
This time, we will like to introduce five recommended Japanese boy comics.

Case Closed

High school detective Shinichi Kudo (Jimmy Kudo in English version), who has been turned into a small child by a mysterious underground organization, seeks for clues from the underground organization to return to his original body as "Conan Edogawa", while he solved difficult case after difficult case.
If you are a mystery enthusiast, you will enjoy reading this series of small episodes because you can quickly jump from exciting story to another.
case closed

Fullmetal Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist, Edward Elric, who lost her body after trying to rejuvenate his mother with the magic “Alchemy” that reconstructs material into another form, goes on a journey with his younger brother Alphonse to find the philosopher's stone to regain his body. However, many trials await the brothers over the various conspiracies of the Ishval War.
It is a work that attracts readers with its intense battles, various foreshadowing, and sometimes extremely cruel and serious story development.
fullmetal alchemist


"Haikyu!!" is a story centered on high school volleyball. This is a story that focuses on the two main characters, Shoyo Hinata, a hero who is extremely athletic but also small as a volleyball player, and the genius setter Tobio Kageyama, and is a relatively calm comic with no crazy super tricks.
The content of the story is interesting, so it can be enjoyed not only by those who like volleyball but also by those who have never been interested in volleyball.

One Punch Man

Saitama, an unemployed youth who was stuck with his job search, fights with Crablante to save Split-Chinned Kid, and realizes in the process that his dream as a child was never to be an office worker, but instead to be a hero who defeats all villains with one strike. After this victory against Crablante, Saitama intensely trains for 3 years, and succeeds in becoming the superhero that defeats all villains with one punch, but he was still not fully satisfied for some reason. He became too strong that he became numb to everything - the fear of fighting his opponents, joy, nervousness, anger, etc. What will come of the future of Saitama, the hero who is a hero out of pure hobby?!
one punch man

Rurouni Kenshin

Himura Kenshin - a legendary swordsman who was feared as the "man-slicing swordsman" at the end of the Edo period. After the Meiji Restoration, he swore "not to kill" and traveled around the country as a wanderer. Through his encounter with Kaoru Kamiya and battles with his various nemesis who survived the same turbulent times, this comic seeks the answer through the atonement of one's sin, as well as a way of live in a new era.
This work is popular among children simply because it is a battle manga, but once you re-read it as an adult, you will appreciate its slightly difficult yet deep theme of atonement, making it a recommended work for both men and women, young and old.
rurouni kenshin

Last words

Comics are for children, and there is no way it’s fun for adults to read – you might be thinking this. However, give it one shot and take a look at a Japanese manga. In Japan, both children and adults read manga to learn, have fun, get excited, and be amazed. Just one time is all we ask, give it a try!