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Five-Storied Pagoda【Red】 – Cardboard Craft Kit – By hacomo PUSUPUSU


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Small, but the quality is authentic!

No glue or scissors needed!
Craft kits made of cardboard.
No need for tools such as glue or scissors, just insert the parts for easy assembly.
◆Enjoy your own three-dimensional buildings and scenes made of environmentally friendly and eco-friendly corrugated cardboard.

Five-Storied Pagoda【Red】

From the bottom to the top, it consists of earth (foundation), water (pagoda body), fire (hat), wind (keika), and sky (hoshu), each of which represents the five worlds (the five great ideas) and the Buddhist view of the universe.

Children have less experience in making things with their hands due to the spread of video games and the Internet. We want these children to know the joy of making things.
We also want them to cherish the communication that comes from it.
It is with this in mind that we have created a craft kit (hacomo) made of cardboard, which is gentle to both people and nature.
When you insert the small cardboard parts "PUSUPUSU", you can create three-dimensional buildings and scenes. The quality is authentic even though it is small. Create your own world by freely combining them.