Okamoto 0.02 EX Color Condom 6pcs [3 Colors]


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Okamoto 0.02 EX Color is one of Okamoto 0.02 EX Condom series. Okamoto condom is one of the top selling Japanese condom brands, famous for its large variety and high-end technology.

Okamoto 0.02 EX Color Condom is the same as 002 EX, but comes in 3 colors - Pink Blue and Orange.

Okamoto 0.02 gives the most pleasure, bringing your hearts closer when making love.  Their 0.02mm urethane lets you feel the warmth of each other.

Characteristics of Okamoto 0.02 EX Color Condom

 1. Even Thinness


Ordinary condoms become thicker as it goes to the top edge. Okamoto thinks the thinner top edge will give a better feeling and uses its high-end technology to enable its condom to have even thinness from top edge to bottom edge. This is why Okamoto 0.02 Condoms feels as if you are not using it.

2. Softness

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Okamoto 0.02 Condom is amazingly soft. There's no tightness as you wear it, because Okamoto 0.02 Condom is much more flexible than other competitors'. This softness conducts warmth of skin and texture to you as it is.

3. Safety


No matter how thin a condom is, it's no use if it's not safe. Okamoto 0.02 Condom is brought to you after strict and thorough examinations.

Product Details of Okamoto 0.02 EX Color Condom

Material: Polyurethane

Content: 6 Pieces

Color: Pink, orange and blue

Made in Japan

Weight 100 g


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