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Whale Chopstick Rest White


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This lovely chopstick rest of tea pot is a piece of Hasami Ware.

Hasami Ware, aka Hasami Porcelain is a type of traditional Japanese porcelain wares made in the town of Hasami, Nagasaki Prefecture (northwestern Kyushu).

Hasami porcelain is characterized by its pure white color and the delicately painted decoration glazed mainly with indigo pigment. The beauty lies in its minimalism and simplicity. Having said that, today's Hasami porcelain is not restricted only to white and blue color. Lovely design and colorful colors of Hasami ware will surely brighten your dining table and kitchen.



Product Details of this Chopstick Rest

Content: 5 chopstick rests, Gift box

Type of ware: Hasami Ware

Made in: Nagasaki Prefecture madein-nagasaki

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    Weight250 g